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Prozomix Limited is a privately owned research intensive UK biotechnology company focussing it's proprietary GRASP genome- and metagenome-mining technologies in the area of novel biocatalyst discovery towards biocatalysis and other emerging enzyme applications.  The large panels of enzymes, that comprise the very popular and effective Prozomix Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit, are developed to guarantee maximum diversity from known primary sequence space, and are iteratively expanded by evenly sampling emerging sequence data.  Subsequent to the identification of a hit, biocatalysts of interest can be purchased to any scale at known list prices.  As Prozomix both discovers and produces all of its biocatalysis enzymes, lead-times are short and reliable, and many additional biocatalyst optimisation services can be seamlessly implemented and are free from IP restrictions.

In 2011, Prozomix launched a Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit, comprising novel panels of advanced biocatalysts, targeted towards the synthetic organic chemist.  Each panel was populated using a rational expansion bioinformatics approach, ensuring representative enzymes effectively sample the hugely diverse range of specificities and biophysical properties afforded by Nature, and increasingly desired in biocatalysis applications.  Additionally, each panel is continuously expanded in order to keep pace with the ever expanding genomics resource, thus ensuring maximum exploitation of known / visible sequence space.  When a suitable enzyme(s) has been identified against a target biotransformation, Prozomix offers a full range of contract manufacturing solutions, catering for any grade and formulation of enzyme all the way up to multi-ton scale.  Alternatively, under the Biocatalysis Enzyme Toolkit agreement, at this stage the customer is free to use any other third party contract manufacturing service entirely at their discretion.

The Prozomix web site ( ensures an efficient and transparent purchasing experience, where most products are available in off-the-shelf format with just 1-2 days delivery globally via UPS.  With respect to our recombinant research enzymes, not only is our range BLAST searchable, but primary sequences are freely available and easily accessible for most research products.  Another notable feature of our web site is our Commercial Academic Partner (CAP) Programme, which enables rapid and efficient commercialisation of enzyme encoding plasmids, in exchange for a generous royalty of 17.5 %.

Our strength is not just our novel enzyme technologies, but the technical support that fully backs it up.  Such comprehensive technical support, as appreciated by today’s applications and research scientist, is enabled by our very experienced Research and Development Team.

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